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Wuxi Helen Biotechnology Co., Ltd., registered in Wuxi Mountain NationalMedical City, is a doctor in the United States, with independent intellectual property rights of the focus on bio pharmaceutical technology, health and beautyand product development of high-tech companies, the company in two key antitumor drugs and health and beauty products. The company has more than the development of the 1000M2 field and the international first-class advancedresearch facilities, has more than 40 sets of reactor GMP pharmaceutical raw materials production base in Xiamen Haicang, covers an area of 30 acres,including laboratory test, analysis and synthesis,preparationof drugs, equipped with all kinds of instrument and equipment, has a strongsoftware and hardware facilities and abundant capital support.

  Add:No.138,Mashan Meiliang Road,Binhu, Wuxi,Jiangsu Province,China
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